Thursday, January 03, 2008

51 ASP C/O 99 APO

Writing after a long time .. I just found this page on web :
I studied my std IV - std VII here.

The Address:
KV AFS Digaru ,
51 ASP C/O 99 APO
AirForce Station Digaru,
Sonapur , Distt. Kamrup, Assam.

APO is Army Post Office. I dont know what ASP stands for. This is a way of tagging Defence installations eg 25 ED (AFS Deolali, ED stands for Equipment Depot), 54 ASP(AFS Gurgaon), 7 wing(AFS Ambala), 32 wing(AFS Jodhpur) etc ..

This address is some 30 kms from Guwahati. And i have some vivid memories of the place and of 4 years of stay and schooling there.

It has really been a long long time. Thought of searching for some friends on orkut from KV Digaru. Remembered the names of some of the friends then, particularly, Pinkeshwar , which happens to be a very uncommon name. And yes, i got a hit and more-so dint have to browse through a long list. From his page, found a community for KV Digaru and from there got the link to school webpage.

And yes , i remember this entrance to the building. Has nt changed from that time.

There is this another image on the site which i am unable to relate to. Appears to be the entrance to the AFS campus or perhaps the entrance to the school premises ,in which case, its a later development.

Shall write more on those 4 years sometime. Oh! How I wish to be able to visit the school campus/AF campus sometime ..


VG said...

Welcome back to blogosphere..
Ab aur regular rehna..
In the meantime do check out my blog.

jashmini said...

hey ASP stands for Air Storage Park..and the second pic shows the entrance to school itself..though its recently developed...

Ruling Destiny said...

Hey I have been in KV Digaru, in my 3rd to 5th class. Was a wonderful place. Ground me peepal tree tha bohoth bada, and it was a very big ground. School ke piche hills the. me apne dostho ke sath school ke piche vale mountain dekhne jata tha. It was such a nice place,my father worked as JWO at that time we were there for 3 years.