Saturday, July 15, 2006

Well i dont believe myself i starting to write a blog of my own! Given the level of inertia i have, its really bit tough for me to write at lengths about something and all. Secondly, my thoughts and perceptions are more often than not somewhat vague, not well defined(or so i think !) and so quite difficult for me to pen down.
Anyhow my inspiration comes from the blogs of some of friends which i ve been reading and find them to be good piece of writings, sometimes hilarious and funny, very creative, sometimes abstract and deep besides expressing ur thoughts and sharing the happenings around u .Well,I dont expect myself to get any close to them but shall try to write something on a regular basis. The most difficult thing is to get it started and with this piece of writing i guess i may enter this world of official bloggers and explore if i can be bit creative here !! phew!
Now wait for the next writing ... Already lot for today ....