Friday, December 29, 2006

Another year is dawning, dear Father, let it be
In working or in waiting, another year with Thee.
Another year of progress, another year of praise,
Another year of proving Thy presence all the days.

Another year of mercies, of faithfulness and grace,
Another year of gladness in the shining of Thy face;
Another year of leaning upon Thy loving breast;
Another year of trusting, of quiet, happy rest.

Another year of service, of witness for Thy love,
Another year of training for holier work above.
Another year is dawning, dear Father, let it be
On earth, or else in Heaven, another year for Thee.
- Frances R Havergal

Happy New Year ..

Friday, November 24, 2006

Ek Muskurahat ko jeety hain

Hum unki yadon mein jitey hain
Beety hue kal ke khyalon mein jitey hain
vo kabhi they hi nahin hamare,phir bhi ham
Bas unki ek muskurahat ko jitey hain

Beet gaya jo ek sapna tha , sunahala tha
Un sapnon se bahut door kahin ham jeety hain
aras hue unse rubro hue ,phir bhi ham
Bas unki ek ahat ko jeety hain

Pal beety, din guzre ab to dekho saal hue
barson se vo hamse, ham unse anjan hue
ham phir bhi yahi soch ke jeety hain
milo kabhi kahin agar to ek muskurahat ko jeety hain
milo kabhi kahin agar to ek muskurahat ko jeety hain
What say folks ..Novice ..yet a Masterpiece ..Yeah Yeah i know .. :P

Saturday, November 11, 2006

Shayari yeh bhi ..unki kalam se ..

Bewafa sanam se to yeh cigarette achhi
dil jalati hai per hothon se to lagti hai

dil jalany walo mein say hum nahi
hotho ko na chuyein koi gam nahi
per dil key andar jagah banayi thi
iss kambakhat cigarette ney voo bhi jaladi

[vah vah ..manna padega]

manna na chaha tha humney
humy chahat thi mohabbat ki
per yeh kya voo vah vah keh diye ...
dil ke tukde fenk kar chal diye

[nahin.. dil ke tukde jeb mein rakh ker chal diye]

jeb hi sahi kehin to rakha
kaniz ko apni mehak key pass to rakha

[ ..aaj aapka talent zoron per hai ..]

yeh hum nahi ishq ki awaj hai
tuty dill ka shabdo say izhar hai
kesay jiye bin appkey humy sikha dey
agar nahi hota yeh to zeher hi dila dey

[vah ..shabd nahin mere pass apki tarif ke]

tarif nahi pyar bhari nazar ki chah hai
kuch or na sahi halki si muskurat ki chah hai

[see how talented i am]
[man liya aapko ..aap to seedhe galib ki aulad lagti hain]

humney dil ka haal bayan kerna chaha
unhein dekho voo muskuraye
galib ki aulad keh ker chal diye

[chupa hua talent hai
talent ko kadradanon ki chah hoti hai]

[app jesay kadardan ki chah thi ..acha yeh sunein]

tum miley is dil hi her tammana puri hui
ajj key baad jiney ki chah chogini hui
khuda ka shukar karein kesay
app kahe to jaan nikal ker dey dey

is hasi key diwaney hum ho gaye
is ada key hum kayal ho gaye
humko mili inti mohhabat
is dunaiya se begane ham ho gaye


Wednesday, September 13, 2006


A 4 km ride from office to home during peak hours.. Is it so hard not to honk or at least honk wisely and when necessary!! Or Bangaloreans have just forgotten to use bit of their minds.(I guess situation might not be very different elsewhere).

With already burgeoning traffic plying on the oh!-so-wide roads and Autos and BMTC buses puffing out clouds of smoke, incessant honking makes the conditions worse.There is no space in front and even then the person behind starts blaring out. Or the opposite.. The road is quite empty, but the bikers keep honking now and then as to scare out anyone coming in their way. Traffic signal has just turned green from red but vehicle 20 Ft from signal will immediately start blaring ..Come on! Give some time for the traffic to move on..No one wants to stay there at one place in the congested traffic!

We have become sort of programmed to horn thoughtlessly at the slightest inconvenience.Be a bit conscious about your honking habit and u ll find that u can manage without honking as well.I am following this for last two days and I needed to horn out only once in full ride.
So next time u drive/ride, do give this a thought and see if u can help making things bit better !!

Saturday, July 15, 2006

Well i dont believe myself i starting to write a blog of my own! Given the level of inertia i have, its really bit tough for me to write at lengths about something and all. Secondly, my thoughts and perceptions are more often than not somewhat vague, not well defined(or so i think !) and so quite difficult for me to pen down.
Anyhow my inspiration comes from the blogs of some of friends which i ve been reading and find them to be good piece of writings, sometimes hilarious and funny, very creative, sometimes abstract and deep besides expressing ur thoughts and sharing the happenings around u .Well,I dont expect myself to get any close to them but shall try to write something on a regular basis. The most difficult thing is to get it started and with this piece of writing i guess i may enter this world of official bloggers and explore if i can be bit creative here !! phew!
Now wait for the next writing ... Already lot for today ....