Wednesday, September 13, 2006


A 4 km ride from office to home during peak hours.. Is it so hard not to honk or at least honk wisely and when necessary!! Or Bangaloreans have just forgotten to use bit of their minds.(I guess situation might not be very different elsewhere).

With already burgeoning traffic plying on the oh!-so-wide roads and Autos and BMTC buses puffing out clouds of smoke, incessant honking makes the conditions worse.There is no space in front and even then the person behind starts blaring out. Or the opposite.. The road is quite empty, but the bikers keep honking now and then as to scare out anyone coming in their way. Traffic signal has just turned green from red but vehicle 20 Ft from signal will immediately start blaring ..Come on! Give some time for the traffic to move on..No one wants to stay there at one place in the congested traffic!

We have become sort of programmed to horn thoughtlessly at the slightest inconvenience.Be a bit conscious about your honking habit and u ll find that u can manage without honking as well.I am following this for last two days and I needed to horn out only once in full ride.
So next time u drive/ride, do give this a thought and see if u can help making things bit better !!


Pritika Gupta said...

yeah i agree.. now a days it has become fashion.. i think people use more horns when raod are empty..just to warn others tht im going at full speed.. my safety is ur duty .. so get aside n let me go.......;)

Mukesh said...

Yeah ..very much true ..Horns are the first thing u get to notice upon landing back from US ..u hardly hear a single horn there ..although we dont expect a similar situation back home but unncecessary honking can surely be avoided if everyone gets to pay some attention ..

Anonymous said...

Do u think indians will ever stop honkin on indian roads? I feel that honking will reduce only when majority of the people travelling (drivers and pedestrians) will follow traffic rules. Here nobody cares abt the traffic rules. Then how can somebody, driving, be sure that no one will jump in front of them. Either the average speed of the roads should be 20kmph or there should be traffic sense. Without this, Let us all HONK HONK..

Mukesh said...

True to some extent ..but still more often people honk just without thinking ..Or going in high speed ..keep honking so that others know not to come in way ..that should not be the way..